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BMW, officially founded in 1917, is the acronym that stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (ie "Bavarian Motor Factory") and is based precisely in Monaco of Bavaria. At first, the German company was building engines for airplanes and grew rapidly thanks to military orders. However the company is deprived of the opportunity to operate in its core business since in 1919, after the Warsaw Pact, the Bavaria was annexed to the Weimar Republic which was banned the construction of aircraft. And it is here that BMW jumped in the design of a propeller for three-wheeler and boat and an engine for a motorcycle. After the crisis derived from World War II, the fate of the BMW were refitting thanks to the acquisition of the patent and the manufacture of the BMW ISO Isetta. Throughout its history, the Bavarian house has spent several periods of crisis to get to consolidate itself today as a recognized brand for its high quality of construction, as well as for the advanced technology and the high profile engineering. Car to the top for technology and quality as your BMW diesel is only worth a chiptuning Exe Digital Tuning, the top of the additional units for diesel cars. For your BMW common rail diesel will have an increase in performance of up to 40% ensuring maximum safety of your car. Want to save money with fuel consumption instead? Do not worry, you can set your additional unit also have a fuel economy of up to 20%.

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Fuel cons: £  1.6
Km / l: 15
Km / Month: 1500

PLEASE NOTE: fuel economy can only be achieved with a driving style moderate.

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