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Opel (full name Adam Opel AG) is the famous car manufacturer born in Germany and based in Rüsselsheim am Main. The unusual history of Opel, in fact founded by Adam Opel, is characterized by being born not as a car company, but manufactured sewing machines. The quality of its production was soon a must and pushed the founder to expand the production also to bicycles. To date, Opel is known for automobile manufacturing, but the founder was always very averse to the project; famous is his exclamation "These things are just toys for millionaires who do not know how to throw away their money!".
The children on the contrary they found interesting the automotive outlet and expanded also in the motorcycle industry. During the period of the two world wars, the Opel saw on the one hand the increase in governmental derivation orders for military purposes, the other the recessionary effects that had the following periods to the conflicts, as all German automobile industries with limitations Treaties and the devastating situation left after the end of the fighting. In the middle there was also the acquisition by General Motors in 1929. Since the boom of the '50s until today, Opel has placed industry-leading producing quality vehicles and more and more diversified production for different market segments. Also from a sporting point of view, the German company has always held many firsts: the early 1900s where he developed a revolutionary engine that developed 260 hp even then moving on to the Rally, Formula 3, Formula 1 and German Touring Car Championship.
For a car of many souls and high quality you have to install a chiptuning that can enhance every aspect; an EXE Digital Tuning. You can decide whether to bet on improving performance, by setting the unit for up to 40% more power and torque, or if saving fuel, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%. Do not wait and choose now your Opel diesel.

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Fuel cons: £  1.6
Km / l: 15
Km / Month: 1500

PLEASE NOTE: fuel economy can only be achieved with a driving style moderate.

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