• Chiptuning EXE Digital Tuning

    Chiptuning EXE Digital Tuning

    The best chiptuning for your diesel common rail car. Advanced technology and maximum reliability for your engine.

  • Increase power and torque with EXE Digital Tuning

    Increase power and torque up to 40%

    Thanks to our chiptuning EXE Digital Tuning your car will be completely renewed; fast and agile enough to not recognize it.

  • Lower consumption: saves fuel up to 20%

    Lower consumption: saves fuel up to 20%

    Find the pleasure to drive even looking to the savings; with EXE Digital Tuning you can save up to 20% fuel.

What is chiptuning and why to use it?

What is chiptuning and why to use it

Increase performance and reduce consumption thanks to the EXE Digital Tuning module

A chiptuningis an electronic device thanks to which we can both increase the performance of our vehicle, and decrease consumption .              The module acts between the ECU of your car and the injection system; in this way it will be possible to make the desired changes with the maximum safety without affecting in any way the main engine control unit (ECU).
             Compared to the remapping of your car's ECU, the use of a chip tuning box has several advantages, including:

  • - Costs les than remapping: an ECU remapping is much more expensive and needs of an expert to take care of it
  • - Installation is easier: you have not toe be a super expert, mount a chiptuning is simple and need not be preparatory or industry experts
  • - The warranty of your car is not compromised: instead a remapping goes to modify the original settings of your car making you lose the warranty
  • - Return to original operation whenever you want: on the other hand, a remapping modifies permanently the ECU of your car
  • - Is more convenient to manage: in fact you can set the levels of the mappings with the greatest ease, while with a remapping you will always have to resort to a expert trainer

Exe Digital Tuning is a leader in the tuning sector and can be installed on common rail diesel vehicles; in our online store there are more than 3500 car models.

What are the advantages of our chip tuning boxes

What are the advantages of our chip tuning boxes
The add-on modules EXE Digital tuning are specific for common rail diesel cars and our company has been a leader in the control unit sector for the past 10 years. We design and produce our control units and this allows us to be able to say that our chiptuning is 100% Made in Italy. We ship in our products in over 50 countries of the world but our heart is all Italian.
Thanks to our knowledge and experience we have created the definitive chip tuning box that allows for never-before-seen performance gains:

  • - Performances increase: you will increase power and torque up to 40% more in HP e NM
  • - Consumptions descrease: thanks to EXE you can have a fuel economy up to 20% maintaining a moderate driving style

EXE works perfectly and without problems with all the electronic systems of your car, without modifying the mechanical functioning and the basic electronics, so as to keep the guarantee unchanged of the vehicle.

How our additional ECUs works

How our additional ECUs works
Our team of Engineers has created a firmware without rival , with EXPERIENCE TECHNOLOGY you can finally fully exploit the performance of your car. Never as in this case you will see a combination of comfort and emotion wherever you are guided.
EXE digital tuning has 2 features that express the full potential of your car:

  • - ActiveDrive: while retaining its origins, the new firmware is more muscular and performant, pleasant for driving in the city, able to express grit and sporty character with amazing performance in the departures, in recovery and in any path both urban and extra-urban.

  • - PowerTech: injection control, Data Analyzer, controlled delivery and response time derived from racing, complete this fantastic control unit bringing it right to the top of the category and ready to face any challenge.

Do not wait! Search for your car now in our online shop (go to the top Menu under "Choose car" ) and discover the increase in performance that you can get.

Calculate fuel consumption savings

Set the required data and see how much you can really save with your add EXE:

Fuel cons: £  1.6
Km / l: 15
Km / Month: 1500

PLEASE NOTE: fuel economy can only be achieved with a driving style moderate.

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