Frequently ask questions

1. [Products] I can’t find my car in the vehicle list, how can do?

Send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the details of your car and we will reply as soon as possible.
The data required are: Model, Engine, Power, Year of construction.

2. [Products] Will the performance of my car really increase? Can I change it myself?

The power and torque of your car is increased  over 25%. To know the exact increase, look your car up in  the vehicle list. You will see the maximum increase guaranteed by Exedigitaltuning™. All Exedigitaltuning™ units are sold already programmed  and adjusted specifically for your engine, but if you wish you can adjust the power thanks to the controls inside the device.

3. [Products] Is the Exedigitaltuning™ system simple to install?

The installation of an additional Exedigitaltuning™ module  is very easy! No matter which of our three types of Exedigitaltuning™ you choose. It only takes from 10 to 15 minutes, without special tools and without any special knowledge on vehicles. In the kit you will find the original wiring Plug& Play specific to your car, for a quick installation and without having to cut any wires.

4. [Products] Do you provide Assistance?

Contact us by e-mail or from the contact section. You will receive a response very quickly. Our technicians perform dozens of assistance procedures each day, they will beat your disposal to assist you.

5. [Products] Do I have to cut some wires to my car to install Exedigitaltuning™?

No way! The units Exedigitaltuning™ are sold with original automotive wiring, without the need to cut any wire. These cables will make installation quick and easy, without having to modify anything in your car. You can remove the cable and return your car to its original state at any time, without leaving any trace. The only exception for the Dual-Power™ version that requires in addition to the installation of one wiring, to also cut a single wire.

6. [Products] Are the cables in the kit truly original?

Certainly, we buy the connectors directly from the companies that supply the major auto makers. All connectors are then secured and specific for your car 100%.

7. [Products] To install the Exedigitaltuning™ do I need the help of a mechanic?

No. All of our customers, including those with less experience, install the Exedigitaltuning™ without the use of qualified service, because this operation requires only one connecting cable. In the kit you will find instructions with pictures that will make installation quick and easy.

8. [Products] If I receive a Exedigitaltuning™ unit and I can’t find the specific connector in my engine to connect it, how can I do?

If you have any doubt or difficulties please contact us! For any question regarding installation, please send  an e-mail to our technical support, we will answer in a short time. In this way, real technicians that perform dozens of installations every day, will certainly be able to help you.

9. [Products] If I unplug the Exedigitaltuning™ will my car go back to factory settings?

Yes,  Exedigitaltuning™ is designed to work along side with your original ECU, no parameter changes on your car. After disconnecting  Exedigitaltuning™ your car goes back to its original state . Even through a diagnosis, no-one can understand that in your car you have installed an additional unit.

10. [Products] Can Exedigitaltuning™ damage the engine of my car?

The simple answer is: No!
Exedigitaltuning™ is designed to supply more power and torque, although respecting the tolerance specified by the manufacturer of your car. There is no risk of damage both for the mechanical parts and the electrical system.

Moreover all the Exedigitaltuning™? tuning boxes have several security features including integrated SAFE-ENGINE™ function. This feature constantly monitors all parameters of your engine, and if it exceeds the maximum threshold, it triggers a recovery system to protect your car.

11. [Products] Can Exedigitaltuning™ modules be installed on cars with Automatic Transmission?

Of course! Our modules are fully compatible with all systems of Automatic Transmission.

12. [Products] Can I install Exedigitaltuning™ on new cars?

Of course, Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes are designed to be installed both on new and old cars, without any risk of loss of warranty and / or damage to the engine. The use of original PLUG &PLAY connectors does not leave any trace of intervention on the electrical system of the car. Neither through a diagnosis will it be possible to understand that in your car you have installed a Exedigitaltuning™ chip tuning box.

13. [Products] Can Exedigitaltuning™ void the warranty of my car?

Absolutely No. Exedigitaltuning™ does not modify any parameter in the control unit (ECU) of your car. By disconnecting the Exedigitaltuning™ your car goes back to its original state.
In the diagnosis or service, no one will notice  Exedigitaltuning™. The original connectors PLUG &PLAY do not leave any trace of intervention on the electrical system of your car. Neither through diagnosis, will it be possible to understand that in your car you have installed a Exedigitaltuning™ tuning box.

14. [Products] I have a Exedigitaltuning™ tuning box but I sold my car, can I use it again on another car?

You can use Exedigitaltuning™ again if your new car has the same injection system of your old car. If your car has a different injection system, you need to reprogram the Exedigitaltuning™ you have purchased. After the purchase of your new car please send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll find the solution that best suits your needs.

15. [Products] Will my car pollute more?

Exedigitaltuning™ tuning box is optimized not to change the rules of combustion applied by the automakers. The use of Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes will not change the emissions of your car.

16. [Products] Will my car release black smoke? Will I have problems with the FAP or DPF filter?

Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes don’t modify the polluting  emissions of  your car. Result of continuous studies &research, the software loaded in the modules Exedigitaltuning™ work perfectly with the new anti-pollution devices ( fap filter). The Dpf or Fap filter will maintain the  operation as well as the normal regeneration cycles dictated by the manufacturer.
Respect for the environment is an integral part of our way to make business. More and more Efforts towards efficient  technologies are made in the respect of  nature and promote our way of working to protect and improve people's lives.

17. [Products] Do the Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes modify security parameters such as ABS, ESP etc..?

Absolutely Not, all Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes do not change all the originals  safety  systems.

18. [Products] I visited other sites with text and images that look like yours! Is it always the same company?

Victims of our success, we're surprised to find ourselves in other internet sites that copy our text, photos, curves ...
So be careful! Those who claim to be the manufacturers could be fakes!
This does not mean that there are no other serious and professional companies like us.
If you have any doubts on  sites that are similar to us,  please contact us!


-The remapping  (TUNING OBD)  involves  the  physical  opening of the ECU  or  a new writing of software of the ECU,  this will void the  original  warranty of the car.
-With a remap you will not have notifications of engine failure, then you risk damaging some component of your engine.
- It may happen that  remapping are carried out by non-qualified personnel, and to get the car back to its factory settings you must bring back your car to the workshop who made the remapping.

- With Exedigitaltuning™ you have the SAFE-ENGINE™ function, all safety controls in your engine will be kept activated.
-The Exedigitaltuning™ units are designed and programmed by highly skilled engineers.
-Last but not least, there is the ease of assembly with fast installation time frames and the removal of the module at any time. All this without  the aid of a mechanic.

20. [Products] Why are the Exedigitaltuning™ units sold at such competitive prices?

Exedigitaltuning™ is leader in the automotive industry. Every year we sold several thousand units. We are present in more than 60 countries all over the world! We are among a few companies to have a center of Research & Development with highly skilled  engineers and a production factory. Other companies are limited to purchase and selling products of other companies. Our products are designed and manufactured by our company, without intermediaries that raise costs. Our products are 100% Made in Italy.

21. [Products] To who you recommend the tuning boxes by Exedigitaltuning ™?

Exedigitaltuning ™ tuning boxes  have been developed for being used by everybody, both for all those people who want to save fuel without losing the pleasure of guide, and for all those people who want to improve to the best the performances of their own car.

22. [Products] Are tuning boxes all the same?

No way! There are many unprofessional companies in the field of chiptuning, with similar  products, that are  made in china and of low quality.  Exedigitaltuning™ is the leader in the automotive field, all products Exedigitaltuning™ are 100% Made in Italy, designed and manufactured by qualified personnel. Severe quality tests and Pc simulations define Excellence of our products.
Don’t give your car to anyone, Choose Quality, Buy Exedigitaltuning™.

23. [Products] What are the Benefits - Results of Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes?

The application of the chip tuning by Exedigitaltuning™ ensures a greater drive torque to a lower number of RPM. The increased power and torque are available in  all engine speeds, so over taking, acceleration and sporty driving are possible at any time.
Driving comfort is better, the continuous gear changes are reduced and the original engine performance is obtained with less pressure throttle while driving. The turbo lag is minimized or eliminated. Our modules make  possible  a sporty and affordable use of the car as well as the ability to save fuel.

24. [Products] What is the function of the chip tuning by Exedigitaltuning™?

Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes have micro processors that capture signals sent by the injection ECU and digitize them. These signals are processed and optimized according to characteristic maps for several thousand times per second. By modifying  the diagrams, the fuel spray is really optimized into the combustion chamber. The working of Exedigitaltuning™ tuning boxes is based on the modification of the times, loads and pressures of injection.
The optimized values are converted and transmitted in real time to the engine.
This result is an increase in maximum power and torque, with a reduction in consumption.
Reworking the Digital Signal optimizes engine performance with a smooth power supply and with no bumps at all engine speeds.

25. [ Products] Why don’t the auto makers manufacture engines with the performance you guaranteed?

First of all for '' tax'' reason, in many European countries the tax or the insurance are calculated in proportion to the power of the engine.

26. [Products] Can I install a switch/ remote control to enable / disable the Exedigitaltuning™?

 Of course, both in the purchase order and afterwards you can purchase one of the following accessories:
- The switch to be fitted inside the cabin to enable / disable Exedigitaltuning™
- The wireless remote control.
It’s possible to enable / disable the Exedigitaltuning™ while driving, without having to stop the engine and/or stop.
This gives you the chance to test the real increases in power/ torque and reduced fuel consumption at any time.

27. [Products] Will Exedigitaltuning™ save fuel consumption? How does it work?

After installing   Exedigitaltuning™ you will notice a clear reduction of fuel consumption. With a conventional driving style, you will record a decrease in consumption of up to one liter of fuel every 100 kilometers.
Many satisfied customers reported us a reduction in fuel consumption, resulting in fuel savings of up to 20%. This means that a person driving an average of 15,000 kilometers every year could achieve savings of up to 300 euro each year. All this is possible thanks to the ECO-TUNING™ function of modules EXEDIGITALTUNING™.
The torque increase available at lower engine revs allows you to make better use of the transmission, avoiding frequent gear changes, avoiding unnecessary thrusts of the accelerator pedal, reducing fuel consumption. All this is possible thanks to the constant monitoring of the quantity of fuel to be injected, injection pressure and time injection.

28. [Products] Are Exedigitaltuning™ modules covered by warranty?

Exedigitaltuning™ modules are covered by a 2 year warranty only for defects or manufacturing defects.
All Exedigitaltuning™ products are fully Guaranteed for 2 years with unlimited kilometers.

29. [Purchase] Can I place orders by e-mail?

Send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. You'll have to tell us which items you wish to buy together with:

Data of your car: Model, Engine, Power and Year.

Shipping Address: Name, address, city, zip code, tax code ID
(for companies just VAT code), country and telephone number.

Preferred payment method to proceed with the purchase.

As soon as your order is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the link and tracking code that allows you to follow the track of the shipment until it reaches your home! In this way you can track when the courier will make the delivery.

30. [Purchase] Is it possible to order a product now but receive it after a certain date?

Yes, of course, you can buy a product and require delivery at a later date. This request must be made in the notes of your order form, or if the order is made by e-mail, you must specify it.

31. [Purchase] Can I add another item to my order?

Of course, if you still have not received the tracking code, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail and we will add the new items you have selected to your order. We remind you that the goods leave the factory every day at about 2:00 pm.

32. [Purchase] Is it possible to send the goods as a gift to a friend?

Certainly. If you want to ship a product to a friend without showing the amount paid, you must proceed as follows:
- Register with your name and surname
- Please enter your information in the ""Billing address""  and shipping informations of your friend in the ""Delivery address"";
- Post also the word ""GIFT"" asking to omit the amount in the notes.
- The staff will ensure that the amount will not be shown to the recipient and the invoice for the goods will be sent to you via e-mail.

33. [Purchase] How can I monitor my order status?

After the purchase you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail . After a maximum of 24 hours you will receive a second e-mail confirming shipment with the link and tracking code, so you can always monitor your order. If for any reason you lose your tracking code you can always request it by writing an email to us and we will get back to you. If the order is a gift, please provide your e-mail address instead of your recipient’s.

34. [Purchase] I have not received the e-mail with the order confirmation, what should I do?

If you don’t receive this confirmation within 24 hours, it is very likely that there is a technical problem. Send us an e-mail to [email protected], so we can check the status of your order.

35. [Purchase] I had technical problems with the web site during the order, what should I do?

The web site Exedigitaltuning has been optimized for major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). If during your order you encounter technical  problems, please let us know as soon as possible, please specify the details of the browser you use and the problem you find, you can contact us directly via e-mail. Our team will work on solving the problem and will contact you to allow you to place a new order as soon as possible.

36. [Purchase] Is it possible to cancel an order after payment?

A order already paid can be changed/ canceled by Customer Service if requested via e-mail only if the order is not already put ""In preparation” status. Otherwise, we will  stop your order, which might mean that you will incur shipping costs if the goods had already been given to the carrier.

37. [Purchase] Who can I contact to ask questions and help?

Exedigitaltuning™ is at your   service for any request of information, for advice before to purchase and to provide you with all the after-sales service. Send us an e-mail to [email protected].

38. [Purchase] Can I use the right to cancel?

Exedigitaltuning™ allows the use of right to cancel as provided by law in relation to the purchase agreement and the Italian Consumer Code. You can use the  right to cancel within 10 days (10 days are counted from the date of receipt of the goods) within that time frame the customer must notify us by registered  mail. To use the right to cancel it is necessary that:
-The client expresses the intention to exercise the right to cancel as described above.
-The purchased good has to be intact and fully returned in its original packaging.
-The product has to be returned within the time frame and  ways described above.

The customer has to pay the return charges. Once the goods arrive in our warehouse, they will be examined to check any damage not caused by transportation. After checking the integrity of the goods, we will return you the amount by bank transfer to the account you indicated.
If you have paid by credit card we will re-credit the amount by our ""back office"". The refund is the item price excluding shipping costs incurred by the customer.

In your request of right to cancel the customer must add bank information (IBAN, name of bank, agency, SWIFT code, account number) where the customer wishes to receive the refund for the purchase of the returned goods.

39. [Payments] How can I pay for my purchases ( Exedigitaltuning™) online?

Exedigitaltuning™ enables its customers to pay in many different ways, making the purchase enjoyable and hassle free. The payment methods are:

Bank transfer, this type of payment delays 1-2 days the shipping of your order.

Paypal, allows you to make online payments in a convenient and safe way. This payment allows you to proceed to the immediate shipment of the order.

Credit card, we accept all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. This includes CartaSì, BancoPosta credit card , Postepay, Aura card and all the others that include the  Mastercard, Visa or American Express logo.
This payment allows you to proceed to the immediate shipment of the order.

Transaction safety is guaranteed by the Bank through the transport of data SSL3 encryption algorithm with 256-bit Triple-Des.

40. [Payments] I can pay by cash? Are there additional costs?

You  can pay by cash but only for shipments to Italy.
There are additional costs related to the marking required by the carrier because it assumes the responsibility to carry money on our behalf.
The additional costs  will be automatically calculated and added to the shipping costs  prior to order confirmation.

41. [Payments] I can pay by check?

NO, we don’t accept checks.

42. [Payments] Is there a risk to make payments online with my credit card?

The are no risks, the data of your credit card will not go through our site, but they are sent directly to an encrypted Secure Server(SSL)of our Bank. When you insert data of your credit card, in the browser window, you will see a lock which shows that the site is encrypted and protected. The server will check the credit card number automatically and no-one will see it.

43. [Shipment] What are the delivery times?

All orders placed before 2:00 pm are shipped on the same day, while the others are shipped on the next day(*).As soon as the goods will be given to the carrier you will receive the link with the tracking code that allows you to follow the progress of your shipment. Please note that when placing an order you should always indicate a phone number for any communication from the courier.
It is certainly our interest to deliver the goods as soon as possible. This is why we entrust our shipments only to carriers with the highest levels of efficiency in the market. Thanks to the Express service, the delivery is guaranteed for most locations in 1-2 business days.
Our Partners are
- For Italy            SDA Service Express

- For worldwide    FEDEX International Priority service

(*)Exceptions are orders with payment Bank transfer  which delay the shipment by 1-2 working days from the payment date.

44. [Shipment] What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

If at the time of the delivery you are not at home, the courier will leave a notice. You can then contact the carrier directly to arrange a new delivery during working hours and agree on a particular date.
If the delivery date stated in the link of the e-mail has already passed and you have not received your order, please contact us by e-mail to [email protected]. We will talk with the carrier and we will do our best to deliver you the goods as soon as possible.

45. [Shipment] What are shipping costs?

The shipping costs will be automatically calculated after you have selected a payment method among those proposed and displayed before order confirmation.

The costs are calculated based on the weight/size of the box and the country of destination; All our shipments are made with express service and are insured.

46. [Shipment] During delivery, the package has some external damage or anomalies, how should I deal with the courier?

Anomalies or damage found must be immediately reported to the courier   calmly. All you have to do is put on both delivery notes, on top of the signature, the words: ""I accept with reservation: (specify the type of damage clearly)."" Only in this way, once you open the package in private, and after you have found a possible internal damage, you can quickly get a replacement. In the absence of this notification, the product is considered delivered correctly and we cannot accept claims for shipping damage.

Otherwise, if you cannot accept the package with reservation or if it is a strong visible damage to the content and this without having to open the package, you can reject the shipment. Once the package has been sent back and we checked the goods, the item will be shipped again.

In any case, please notify the problem to our Customer Service via e-mail .

47. [Privacy] How is Privacy guaranteed?

Dear Customer, you can visit Exedigitaltuning™ without being a registered user and you have free access to information, technical details of the product, data sheets, news and all those services that, to be used, do  not require to enter your personal data.

Instead, for to proceed with a  purchase and consultation of personal data, including the progress of orders, it is necessary to register.

Once registered you can access your personal information by entering your Username and Password to protect your personal data.

It’s possible to check your personal information on the site at any time by clicking on the ""Login"" button at the top of each page.

The safety of the Exedigitaltuning™ server is constantly monitored to avoid any disclosure or unauthorized use of data and to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.
Exedigitaltuning™ uses industry standard SSL( Secure Socket Layer),the highest level of web-secured application available today.

48. [Privacy] Can I change my personal data after I registered on the site Exedigitaltuning™?

Of course, you can always change your personal data, it may be important if, for example, you change your e-mail! By updating it, you will be able to be kept informed of all the news, events and promotions with our Exedigitaltuning™ newsletter.

49. [Privacy] How do I log-in if I forgot my password?

No problem! Just click on CUSTOMER AREA and then click on ""Forgot your Password?"".Entering into the field your e-mail registration,  you will receive a new password that you can then change.


Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] or  Contact us from the contact section.

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